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BMI PILLARS:  Criminal Justice


The Criminal Justice Pillar is committed to serving men and communities impacted by the criminal justice system. Historically, black men have borne the brunt of the criminal justice system. As a result, families and communities have been decimated and because of predatory laws, men at the mercy of the criminal justice system are being denied basic rights such as housing, education, employment, voting rights, and parental rights, amongst many others.


We are dedicated to getting out into the community to do expungement fairs to help those who have charges that are eligible to be dropped.  By doing this we are able to get more black and brown people back into the workforce and out of the system. Our hope is that these same citizens are able to go back into the community lead.

The Criminal Justice Pillar, in collaboration with other community-based organizations, is committed to serving men and communities impacted by the criminal justice system in the following areas:


  • Voter Registration (including men in GA County jails)

  • Criminal Record Expungement

  • Civic Engagement (including peaceful protests)

  • Community Education Forums

  • Monitoring and Addressing local, county, and State laws 




Local, County, and State Ordinances and Laws:


Listed in the links below are local, county, and State laws and ordinances that may be of importance to you and/or your family.


Misdemeanor Criminal Record Expungement: For information about record expungement in Fulton County, please contact the Solicitor-General Keith Gammage’s Office here


County Jails 


Clayton County

Cobb County

DeKalb County

Fulton County

Gwinnett County



The Criminal Justice Pillar is co-chaired by Michael A. Carson Jr. and Herman “Drew” Andrews who are both community advocates and have a longstanding history in criminal justice reform. 



H. Drew Andrews 

Michael A. Carson Jr.

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