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BMI PILLARS:  Mental Health


When it comes to black men and health, there is a stereotype that the topic is taboo for us or not often discussed. The narrative that blabk men are not equipped to openly discuss their emotions, stressors or ailments is false. We merely don’t discuss them the same way as others may. This stems from historic mischaracterizations of us as hyper masculine, less susceptible to pain and always feeling as if we have to be the ever vigilant protector. 

As a result of these and other factors, we are experiencing a real physical health crisis in our communities that is negatively impacting blackmen, women, children and elders. In addition, a myriad of mental wellness challenges go undiagnosed and treated in our community annually. 

The Black Mental Health & Wellness Pillar is dedicated to supporting Black Men with their mental and physical health and wellness journey. We encourage Black Men to take advantage of the spaces created for us to discuss our needs and to ensure that our health concerns and needs are taken seriously by our community.


Dr. Clinton Carter

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